Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is AdSitalSolution and how does it help me earn money online?

AdSitalSolution was created to help people all over the globe, gain access to side jobs, without investment and free online part time jobs for students without investment, and get paid via digital cash (PayPal, Paytm & NEFT). The objectives of AdSitalSolution is to help people make money by completing genuine online jobs, end the gender pay gap culture with equal pay for all, promote cashless pay movement, and more importantly, provide a better alternative to youths who despite having degrees fail to find a job.

Signing up with AdSitalSolution to start making money online is free of charge. So if you are looking for a reliable way of making money online, AdSitalSolution is one of your best option. You don’t need any initial investment or qualification to start earning money online on the site. Our goal is to empower people from all walks of life, most notably the unemployed and underprivileged people in the society, homemakers, students and retired people who can work from home and earn income by completing simple online tasks.

Advertiser Benefits

Advertisers have a lot to gain from our services too. You’ll get a massive boost in traffic when you advertise with us. (Note: The amount of traffic your site receives depends on your ads and how people interact with them)

You also stand an excellent chance of walking away with unique gifts from our sponsors such as a fully paid trip to Las Vegas, gaming accessories, a PlayStation, and much more. Keep in mind, we do not guarantee that you'll win one of these offers since third-party companies provide them but we can assure you that we’ll help to take your business to the next level with a considerable amount of traffic.

2. I have lost/forgotten my username/password?

All you need to do is click on the login tab, there you’ll find a forgot username/password option, kindly click on that and follow the further steps.


3. Are there restrictions for registering on your site?

Registering on our website is free without any restriction. You only need to be 18 years and above and have a bank account in India where you can withdraw your earnings. Non Indians can register, and cash out via PayPal a small fee shall be charged.

4. Do you allow Proxies and VPN?

No. We strictly don’t allow the use of any types of proxies and VPN connections. It is against our terms of service, and anyone found using proxies, and VPN connections will be banned for life with immediate effect.

5. Do you have Reward Program in your network?

Yes, we do! In fact, we encourage members to refer their friends to our network and start receiving up to 10 % of their earnings for a lifetime. Referring a friend to our site is quite easy. Just copy your referral link from your account and advertise it on your social media accounts or anywhere else except PTC and traffic exchange sites. If you are found advertising our links on PTC and traffic exchange sites, you’ll be banned from the site for life. Remember, you only earn from your referrals after they have completed tasks and received money in their accounts.

6. What happens if I don’t log in for 60 days?

We usually terminate all inactive accounts. If you don’t log in within a period of 60 consecutive days, your account will be terminated, and all your earnings and referrals will be lost forever. Terminated accounts cannot be retrieved so keep your account active by logging in and completing tasks to make more money daily.

7. I’m downloading all the money making apps as specified but still not earning any credits, why is this so?

Merely downloading money making apps is not enough to earn you credits. You must read and follow the instructions given and if required create an account and use it for around 5 to 10 minutes to earn credits. Don't create support tickets on issues to do with earning credits because we are not responsible for it. We advise you to try another task if you don't get any credits from downloaded apps. We have many tasks on offer at all times.

8. Can we create multiple accounts from the same household?

No, you cannot,we only allow one account per household. Multiple accounts from the same home are prohibited because advertisers only pay for unique views. If you are found violating this rule, your account will be banned with immediate effect and all earnings and referrals in the account forfeited. Every user should have his or her unique IP address.

9. What is OfferWall and how do I use it?

OfferWall is a platform that gives you access to different types of offers that you can complete to maximize your earnings. To view offers on OfferWall, click the OfferWall page on your dashboard and you’ll be taken to the requested page.

10. What are AdSitalSolution cents?

Cents at ( refer to the virtual currency that you earn after completing tasks and offers provided by the advertiser. Usually, 100 cents are equal to $1 and $1 equals to 60. You also have the option to exchange your points to Rupees inside the site.

11. Are there other ways of earning money on your site?

Yes, there are other ways of making money at AdSitalSolution. You can earn money by completing offers and tasks, by referring friends and earning up to 10 % of their earnings, and by participating in forum signature campaigns and contests.

12. What is the maximum one is allowed to earn in your site?  

We don’t impose a limit to what our members can earn in our site. Your earnings will, however, depend on the number of offers and deals you complete.

13. What is the minimum I can cash out?

The minimum amount you can withdraw is ₹1200 or 20$ (plus fees via PayPal). The cash-out process is quite simple. Check video tutorial below on the page for the process. Just click on the “Cash Out” tab on your dashboard and specify the amount you want to withdraw and it’ll be paid via NEFT, Paypal & Paytm only. Keep in mind that you’ll be paid on the 5th day of each month. It is therefore mandatory to cash out on the 2nd day of the month. If you request for payment after the 2nd day, you’ll receive your payment in the next month. Remember not to click cash out between 3rd and 5th of each month. You can click cash out any other day prior or post the specified days.

14. How will I receive my earnings?

Your earnings will be transferred directly to your bank account via NEFT & Paytm, make sure you have entered your correct NEFT  & Paytmdetails and clicked cashout prior to 2nd of each month. If you have requested via Paypal it shall be deposited in your PayPal account.

15. What is your payday?

AdSitalSolution releases payments on the 5th day every month. You must have requested for cash out by the 2nd of the month to receive your payment on 5th; otherwise, you’ll receiveyour earnings in the following month. Note that you should not click cash out between 3rd and 5th of each month. You can click cash out on any other day before or after the pay period.

16. Can I rent referrals in AdSitalSolution?

No, we don’t rent referrals.

17. Why is my account blocked and how can I unblock it?

We only lock accounts that we suspect to have violated our terms and conditions or engaged in the foul behaviour. If you believe your account has been unfairly locked, open a ticket with our support team, and we’ll look into the matter. Remember there’s a penalty levied on members for engaging in fraudulent activities, and if you are a habitual offender, we’ll block your account and never restore it again.

18. What is the penalty to unlock my account?

First-time offenders incur a penalty of 500. If your account gets suspended for the second time, you’ll pay a penalty of 2000. If you violate our terms and conditions for the third time, your account will be permanently locked forever, and you’ll forfeit all your earnings and referrals.

19. I wish to terminate my account, is it possible?

We're sad you wish to do this, open a support ticket, and we'll do the needful.

20. Points Reversed and Points Locked?

If a offerwall says you have fraudulently completed a task or offer, we shall reverse your earnings without any notice to you and this decision shall be final. Your points may be locked if we feel you have attempted to cheat the system, however if it's proved there's nothing wrong your points will be available for cashout .