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Does your current situation relate to one or more of the following scenarios?

1. I'm a jobless college student looking for online jobs for college students for my sustenance.
2. We are a stay-at-home couple searching for surveys that pay cash, to pay off debts and provide for our family.
3. I spend most of my time at home after retirement but can't find ways how to get free money to supplement my pension.
4. I want to earn free money online to pay my bills but don't know where to start.
5. I'm looking for online jobs without gender pay gaps, fixed working hours, or a sour boss.
6. I want to do side jobs work at my convenience, but can't find any reliable opportunities.

If you can relate to any of the above or are facing a similar situation, then worry no more because you have come to the right place for free online and side jobs. You don't have to spend long hours sweating it out in the open when you can earn a lot by daily working,and referring people on the site.

These are equivalent to work from home jobs that don't require stringent qualification procedures or fixed working hours. All you need to do is to fill out few simple surveys, sign up on websites, download applications, or participate in contests and giveaways and get paid in digital cash.

You need to have a computer or an internet-enabled smartphone/tablet, an internet connection, and the drive to earn money, which comes naturally. We'll even provide you with step-by-step video tutorials to guide you through the entire process. You can work from wherever you are, at your convenience, and get real digital cash in your bank.

Our Services

We provide our users Top-Notch Services

Digital Marketing Strategies

You can count on AdSitalSolution for the best strategies to take your business to the next level. We have a wide range of digital marketing strategies that address every online marketing aspect of your company. Contact us for effective digital marketing campaigns with measurable results.

Content Writing

Content is still king, especially if you want to improve your website's ranking on Google and other search engines. Google now focuses more on customer-centric content and has been rewarding sites with high-quality content with better rankings. We provide high-quality professionally written content to boost your ranking on SERPs, increase your business or brand's online visibility, and generate more conversions, leads, and sales.


Why not let your apps or websites earn you money while you sleep? You could even get a paid trip to Las Vegas by merely displaying our suggested ads on your site.

side jobs

Advertisers Benefits

  • A Wide Range of Solutions

  • At AdSitalSolution, advertisers have a wide range of solutions to choose from for their brands. We make tailor made campaigns for your brand.

  • Fraud Reduction

  • We have a fully functional system complete with advanced fraud detection features and technology. The system allows just one click per IP and is equipped with advanced security features that can detect and block fraudulent clicks.

  • Keep Yourself Updated

  • We provide accurate reporting tools in your account's dashboard to help you track the progress of your campaigns easily.



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About AdSitalSolution

At AdSitalSolution, we provide ways to earn free money via surveys that pay cash, online jobs available globally to all, which are designed to help everyone earn money online. Sadly, a majority of people have no access to meaningful employment and often struggle to make ends meet. AdSitalSolution was born out of the need to support unemployed people by providing them access to incentive jobs and paying them in cashless money.

We also recognize the need for free online jobs for college students, to empower them as their expenses have risen, but their income opportunities have not. We support equal pay for all, and at AdSItalSolution we pay equally to all irrespective of their gender Our goal is to create more online income generation opportunities for people who don't have jobs or enough income and provide advertisers with new age solutions to promote their goods and services to a broader audience. We don't charge sign up fees. The opportunities available in our network are free for a lifetime.